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Common Thermador Oven Problem. Thermador oven not turning on. What you can to do?

  • Please ensure that the main gas supply is turned on.
  • Verify the power supply by checking if the unit is plugged in and if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Ensure that the burners are correctly positioned.
  • If the igniters are dirty, carefully clean them with a cotton swab dampened with water once they have cooled down. Use a toothpick to gently remove any soil. Avoid excessive exposure to water as damp igniters may not light up. Remove any remaining lint after cleaning.
  • To expedite ignition, place a cooking pan on the grate. Ignite the gas at full power and then reduce it to around 50%. It should ignite within 6 seconds.
  • If the burner clicks when the burner knob is in the ON position, there may be a wiring issue at the outlet. Turn off the main gas supply and contact a qualified electrician for assistance.
  • If the burner clicks when the burner knob is in the OFF position, check the following:
1. Ensure the burner cap is properly placed and that the igniter is not wet or dirty.

2. Verify that the regulator provided with the unit is correctly installed. The arrow on the regulator should point towards the appliance. If the regulator is not installed correctly, please seek assistance from a professional installer or schedule a service visit. West Appliance Service is an expert in Thermador appliance repair and can assist those in the Los Angeles, Orange County.

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Why is my Thermador stove clicking but not igniting?

If the burner caps have been moved, ensure that they are positioned correctly.
Check if the burner ports are wet or clogged with food particles. If so, make sure they are dry and clear any clogged ports using a wire or straightened paper clip.
If the igniters are damp, dry them with a dry cotton swab and remove any remaining lint.
Verify that the gas shut-off valve is turned on and that the gas supply to the building is not turned off.
If the burner is using the ExtraLow® feature, the clicking sound is normal and does not indicate a problem with your cooktop. This feature causes the flame to cycle on and off automatically. Each time the flame reignites, a clicking sound will occur approximately every 60 seconds.

The clicking sound can also be caused by air movements or drafts in the room. Ensure that there is no draft in the room.

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What could be the reason for my Thermador range smells like gas?
If the burner knobs are not completely turned off, make sure to turn them to the OFF position. If the smell of gas persists even after turning off the knobs, it is recommended to turn off the main gas supply and schedule a service visit.
It is normal to smell gas for a few seconds after igniting the burner. However, if the smell does not go away after ignition, it is advisable to turn off the main gas supply and arrange for a service visit.

If the burner caps are out of alignment, wait for the cooktop to cool down and then adjust the caps so that the tabs fit into the notches on the burner bases.

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